IRCFreakz IRC Network has various teams which take care of various operations of the network to deliver an awesome IRC experience. The following teams exist on the IRCFreakz IRC Network:

Access & KLine Team:

The Access Team exists to do a few different functions on the network. The following are a few of the duties which The Access Team takes care of. K-Line Management, Researching/Marketing of Network(s) are just a couple.

Routing Team:

The Routing Team takes care of the server management and makes sure that the servers are updated with the correct information and approve and deny server applications

vHost Team:

The vHost Team is responsible for approving/denying users whom request a vHost though the HostServ IRC Service available on the IRCFreakz IRC Network


JedStar and Jason are the Webmasters

Coding Team

The IRCFreakz IRC Network Coding Team are responsible for creating new tools for staff and users to throughout the network.