General Network Info/About IRCFreakz IRC Network

IRCFreakz IRC Network was originally founded by Jason, WcktKlwn and Outlaw back in 2001.

IRCFreakz IRC Network was closed after a few years of operation for various reasons.

IRCFreakz IRC Network was re-created in December, 2016 by Jason and JedStar out of the ashes of an re-branding process of an another network.

IRCFreakz IRC Network has servers based all around the world from Australia to the United States of America, Canada & France.

IRCFreakz IRC Network caters for all the inner IRC Freakz within us. We are currently accepting connections from the general public free of charge, but there are certain rules which must be ad-heard too or the users access to the IRC Network will be suspended.

IRCFreakz IRC Network co-operates with all federal authorities in all countries if it is found that a user is engaging in illegal activities while using the IRCFreakz IRC services.