CONNECTING TO IRCFreakz IRC Network: Upon connecting to our network, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in our MOTD and /rules.

Connecting to this network is a privilege, not a right.

1.1 All users are welcome to our our main room #IRCFreakz. Everyone is welcome to make their own rooms and join other rooms and chat with others. If you want to create your own channel, you firstly have to register your nickname with NickServ

1.2 Spamming/flooding is not welcome here. Posting links repetitively, or flooding the room with non-sense can result in a ban from the channel. If you are found to be spamming and flooding other rooms in the network, you will be banned from the network.

1.3 The content we allow on this network is pretty much anything. However, there are some things we do not allow here. Anything regarding illegal hacking, using our network as a way to store bots for botnets, making a room promoting underage sexual conduct, or distributing content that is deemed underage will result in a network wide perma ban, and you IP forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

1.4 In regards to running bots here, please refer to the bot motd /botdmotd

1.5 If you wish to see the rules here on IRCFreakz.Net refer to /rules

1.6 If you want to link a server, fill out the server application form on the website.

1.7 Network Staff will NOT interfere with channels on the IRC Network, Network Staff are not responsible for the conversations and type of language used within the rooms, if you do NOT LIKE what is being stated in certain rooms, you dont have to be apart of that certain channel. If ANY network staff be it IRCFreakz IRC Staff or any Janus Staff is found to be interfering with channels, IRCFreakz IRC Staff will be suspended, and for Janus Linked Network Staff, their janus link will be suspended. NO EXEMPTIONS

IRCFreakz Network Channel #IRCFreakz

Thanks for joining IRCFreakz IRC Network!