Routing Application

Admins First Real Name:
Admins Email Address:
Admins Nickname on IRCFreakz:
Does admin have root access on server:Yes No
Who else has root access on server:
Server Owners Name or ISP:
Server Owners Email address:
Full server (machine) hostname:
Server IPv4 address:
Server IPv6 address:
Hosting Networks Uplinks:
Intended IRCFreakz server name:
Servers Operating System:
Servers Processor/Speed:
Servers Memory:
Is the machine dedicated to the IRCFreakz IRC Network:Yes No
Servers Geographic Location (City, State, Country):
Number of File Descriptors complied in Kernel:
Maximum clients allowed:
Please describe your IRC experiences:
Please describe your IRC Oper experiences:
Please describe any other skills you bring (i.e. web design, coding, eggdrops):
Please list any staff except for server admin on the server: