We have jigged the website a little in regards to adding some more pages and information regarding the IRCFreakz IRC Network

We are currently in the process of maybe getting a few more servers linked and the admin team for these servers have got 15+ years of IRC knowledge

Stay tuned for further information & updates

Network Updatejedstar
Howdy fellow life travelers.... Sorry it has been a bit quiet lately.... But here is a few updates regarding the network....

IRCFreakz has welcomed Athena administering the moonwolf server which is based in the USA

IRCFreakz has also welcomed cman administering the raptor server which is based in France, cman has also applied to link 2 additional servers from the USA, one from Colorado & the other from New York....

We welcome them both with their solid knowledge of IRC and workings of the IRC world...

Network Updatejedstar
Sorry it has been slow progress on getting things to the new website... We are slowly making our way there... Some exiting times ahead for the IRCFreakz IRC Network

New Services Operatorjedstar
moocow has been promoted to the position of Services Operator...

New Staff Memberjedstar
moocow has joined the IRCFreakz IRC Network staff as a global operator.... He brings years of experience in IRC Network administration and other valuable skills and assets to bring to the IRCFreakz knowledge pool

Planned Shutdown & Restart of Serversjedstar

21/09/2017 1800hrs AEST till approx 2000hrs there will be a shutdown and Restart of all machines which our servers reside on across the globe.

Due to recent updates/upgrades to the Operating Systems which the IRC servers are residing on, the VPS requires a shutdown and Restart of the machines.... This will happen over a 2 hour window of time so we can make sure all services are back online....



Updates jedstar
We are still in the process of implementing things here on the website..... IRCFreakz IRC Network is taking applications for IRCFreakz branded fully linked servers versus a Pylinked server/network.... We will consider applications of both forms of linking based on their merit....



If you would like to provide feedback on your experience on IRCFreakz IRC Network.... Join the network and pop into #IRCFreakz and speak to a staff member or send an email

New Websitejason
Seems there was some complications with the move to my server. A few people was unable to access the site. Im sorry about that. I have switched back to our florida server, And moved the new site there as well. Again, Im sorry for the disruption. :/

New Websitejason
With the threats of irma against our florida server, Which also hosted our old website.. The switch to the new website has been bumped up a bit. Instead of moving the old site to another machine out of harms way, I got the green light from JedStar to switch over to the new website, Currently being hosted by my own server located in canada. Well out of harms way. Please feel free to msg me with feedback, Suggestions, Or any errors you may find on this site. I hope you like the hard work i've put into it. Enjoy! :)